Can’t see your question? Contact us on info@streetstream.net

Can’t see your question? Contact us on info@streetstream.net

Who is Street Stream for?
Street Stream is an online courier booking platform. You can use it to arrange deliveries for anything for delivery by pushbike, motorbike or van. Most of our customers are businesses though it is available to individuals as well.
How does it work?
You post the job details by clicking "send" and filling out the form. You will be asked for a pickup and drop off address, a pickup time window and a drop off time window, and a choice of package sizes. Once you enter all these details and click "Get Quotes" the job details will go out to all relevant couriers who have the app who can then quote on the app. You may be presented with a choice of couriers. You can book in an individual courier by accepting their quote and entering payment details.
How can I create an account?
You can register online on the website and create an account there an then. It takes just 1 minute. You can generate an order straight after.
How much does it cost?
For most jobs the pricing is determined by the couriers themselves. However most of them do follow our guide prices which contain two components: a flat rate and a rate per mile. If you want to get an estimate of a price, you can do this by putting in the postcodes on the website.
Can I order over the phone?
No. Street Stream does not have a controller. It is an online "open-call" system. When you post a job all the relevant couriers will be alerted via the courier app.
Do you have an app?
We do not have an app for customers. Customers order on the website which is responsive so can be accessed on your mobile phone. Please do NOT download the Street Stream for Couriers app. This is for couriers.
How do I pay?

For most customers Street Stream is a pay-as-you-go service and payment is by card (Visa or Mastercard) via the payment processor Stripe. Card details can be saved on the Stripe interface.

If you would like a Corporate Account where you are allowed a certain amount of credit and then you pay by invoice please get in touch with us on info@streetstream.net. Please note that we the creation of any corporate account is at our discretion. Our invoices will be sent weekly and the terms are 7 days, unless otherwise agreed in advance.

It is not possible to pay the courier by cash.

Do I get proof of delivery?
Yes. In fact you are able to track the stage of the delivery on the website: when the courier arrives at the pickup; when it is collected; when the courier arrives at the drop off; and when it is delivered. You also get an email notification and receipt on delivery.
Can I request a signature on delivery?
Yes. You can request a signature on the online booking form and on delivery the courier will be prompted to get a signature on the screen of the phone, which you see on the job history.
I want to deliver valuable goods. Does Street Stream have goods-in-transit insurance?
As standard, Street Stream accepts liability for £100 for the total of the goods-in-transit and the cost of the transport. Please see the terms and conditions for more details. If your package is worth more than this, then for a range of fees we will accept liability in increments up to £5000. However, certain items are excluded: please see the terms and conditions and the website booking form for more details.
Is Street Stream operational 24/7?
In theory, yes. Street Stream couriers can pick and choose their own hours as they are all self-employed. Even when off duty, they have the ability to monitor available jobs. However, there will obviously be more couriers on duty during "normal" working hours than the early hours of the morning.
What is the largest size of package a Street Stream courier can carry?
Like your parcels, Street Stream couriers come in all shapes and sizes, from foot messengers and bicycle messengers through to motorbikes and vans for larger jobs.  Please be as accurate as you can when describing the weight and dimensions of your parcel as it will help Street Stream find the best courier for your job. Please note that the package size refers to the total load not individual components. For example, a cake may be "small package" but if there are 200 cakes it is definitely a "bulky item"
How heavy can the parcel be?
There are limits to the weights that can be carried on smaller vehicles, please see the parcel guidelines on the Street Stream website.  Larger items should be able to be lifted safely by one person.
I'm not able to weigh or measure my parcel. How can I be sure the courier will be able to take it?
If you are unable to weigh or measure your parcel, it is safer to overestimate the weight and dimensions as this will minimise the risk of hiring a courier who is unable to accept the package (and landing you with a cancelation charge) .  Street Stream allows users to enter a brief note about the job so it is worthwhile stating if the package is particularly heavy or awkward to carry.
Can I specify a bicycle, motorbike or van courier?
No, Street Stream will do that for you automatically. Generally short journeys of light packages or letters will be transported by bicycle or on foot. Longer journeys will require a motorbike. Large items will require a van. Based on the item dimensions, weight and the distance travelled Street Stream will find appropriate couriers.
Do you do multiple drops or multiple pick up jobs?
Yes, we can do this. The website is not explicitly designed for this but we have ways of handling it. If you would like to do this please get in touch with us on info@streetstream.net
How long do courier quotes last for and why do they expire at all?
For operational reasons couriers need to know when they are "off the hook" for any quote that is accepted since for the duration of the quote they are committed to being available to fulfil that job. Quotes for jobs which are today will expire after 6 minutes. Quotes for jobs which are for later days expire after 30 minutes.
What happens if I get no quotes at all from couriers?
This may happen at times when are exceptionally busy and/or when a job is posted at short notice with tight pickup and/or delivery windows. To maximise your chances of getting couriers in the first instance it is best to set the pickup and delivery windows as wide as is convenient for you.
How does Street Stream recruit its couriers?
Couriers have to register to work with Street Stream via the app or website.  Each individual is vetted by the Street Stream team and will not be able to respond to jobs until they have been approved.  The app also allows you to rate individual couriers to help other users make the most informed choice when booking a jobs.
The website is not accepting my card, what should I do?
When you enter card details for the first time Stripe will ask you for the postcode of the billing address of the card. If this is incorrect the card is likely to be rejected. A small number of cards could also be rejected because of an over-zealous anti-fraud algorithm at your bank. In which case, please contact your bank.
Can I save my card details?

Stripe will let you save your card details if you wish. If you do this it will ask for you for a mobile phone number. The next time you log in to your Street Stream account using that device it will not ask you for card details again (unless you clear your browsing history). However, the first time you log in to Street Stream to a new device it will send a 6-digit code to the phone number you listed.

You can change your card details on the Stripe payment gateway.

You can turn on two-step verification under your Stripe account whereby you are always asked for a 6 digit code to your mobile phone. You can also turn this feature off.

Do you charge VAT and can I get a VAT invoice?
Yes, we charge VAT on all deliveries. On delivery you will get an receipt with the VAT broken out. You can also download a monthly statement of all your deliveries under the History tab on the website.
Will Street Stream couriers carry ID? How will I be able to identify my courier?
When you accept a delivery quote, Street Stream will send you the name, and mobile phone number of the courier who will pick up your parcel. Do not give your parcel to anyone else.
How long will the courier wait on arrival?
Please have you package ready for the courier when he/she arrives. The courier is not obliged to wait on arrival at the pick up point for more than 15 minutes. If longer than this the courier has the right to leave and the job will be declared "pick up failed" leaving you with a cancellation charge.
Can I cancel or amend a job after accepting a quote? Is there a cancellation fee?
If you cancel the job before you have accepted a quote from the courier, there is no cancellation fee. However, if you cancel after you have accepted a courier’s quote and entered payment then you will be charged a cancellation-on-arrival charge to pay for the courier’s time. The exception is if it is past the pickup window and the courier has still not arrived
Can I contact the courier en route?
Yes, you will be able to message the courier or if necessary call him on his/her mobile. Please be aware that they may not be able to answer straight away as they may be in very busy traffic.
The courier has picked up the package and is en route but I now have to change the delivery address. What should I do?
It is possible to change the delivery address (assuming the courier has not already dropped it off at the old one). However, you will be liable for a surcharge to do this. In order to do this, under the job details under Active Jobs, at the bottom you will see buttons for "Request Redelivery" or "Return to Sender". Please click the appropriate button.
What happens if the courier is injured or something happens to the package en route?
Street Stream has a dedicated helpline for its couriers. Should something happen en route and the courier cannot complete the delivery, Street Stream will arrange for the package to be picked up and delivered by another courier for no extra cost.
I like this courier, can I make sure I get him/her again?
Street Stream couriers are not obliged to respond to every job and will make their decision based on their location and current workload. However, if you are impressed with a particular courier’s service, be sure to leave them a positive review via the app or the website. You can sort quotes from couriers according to their ratings. You can also mark a courier as a "favourite". This will be highlighted if one of your favourites accepts a job in future.
I’ve signed for the package, the courier has left and I’ve just discovered that the package is damaged/incomplete. What do I do?
Please get in touch with us on info@streetstream.net
Are my financial details stored anywhere within the app or on the website?
No. No credit card details or any other financial details are stored on our servers. Payment details are stored by Stripe who have the highest levels of security.
Are there any restricted items that cannot be delivered via Street Stream?
Yes. Please see the terms and conditions and the website for more details.
Can I leave feedback?
The app and the website have a section to leave feedback on both the courier and on Street Stream as a platform.
What happens if I have a complaint about a courier or anything else?
We take customer service very seriously. If you have any issue please do not hesitate to get in touch with us on info@streetstream.net
Do you have an API?
Yes, we have an API to allow integration of our same-day delivery network into e-commerce websites and apps. You can find the link to the developer documents here. If you are interested in our email please email us at info@streetstream.net

Can’t see your question? Contact us on info@streetstream.net

Why should I sign up for Street Stream?

You can truly work for yourself:

  • Choose WHEN you want to work: you set the hours and you have the ability to go from off duty to on duty and vice versa at the flick of switch
  • Choose WHERE you want to work: you pick the postcode areas where you want to be alerted for jobs
  • Choose HOW MUCH you want to charge for jobs – you set you flat rate (subject to a global minimum) plus your rate per unit of distance. However we do issue guidance. We also have jobs which come from certain clients where the jobs are prices are set at a pre-arranged rate structure.
  • Choose WHICH jobs to accept and which to ignore
  • Take home MORE of your pay. Street Stream charges a simple percentage rate of 25% for the service
  • Benefit from goods-in-transit INSURANCE from the platform
How does it work?
  • You get audible alerts for jobs in the postcodes you cover when a customer submits a job.  They show up in the "new jobs" tab.
  • You are able to quote on the job or you can choose to ignore it
  • The value of most jobs depend on the rates you have set, which you can change at any time. However we recommend you stick fairly close to the guideline rates at the bottom of this email. We also have jobs which come from certain corporate accounts where the prices are pre-set by prior agreement
  • Once you quote, you are committed to that quote.  You cannot cancel it.
  • However, a customer does not have to accept your quote.  They may choose another courier or just cancel the job.
  • A quote for a job today lasts 6 minutes, after which it expires.  A quote for tomorrow or later days lasts for 30 minutes, after which it expires.  You can tell it has expired because it moves back from the "manifest" tab into the "new jobs" tab.  You can quote again if you like.
  • If your quote is accepted you get another alert to say so and the job will stay in your manifest.  This is your job now and you have to do it.  If you quote for a job and your quotes accepted you MUST commit to doing the job. 
  • When you get to the pick up point go to the reception, knock on the door etc.  Change the status of the app from "quote accepted" to "arrived at pick up" on the manifest page.  This starts a timer.  Hopefully you can collect the parcel.  If no one is in, try calling the contact at the pick up point, or failing that, the customer (you should have all the details).  If you still can't find anyone, after 15 minutes you will be able to click "pick up failed" and you will get a cancellation fee (50% of original quote).  However, only do this when you have tried all of the above.  You can wait longer if you like.
  • Once collected, update the manifest to "collected".
  • At the drop off mark as "arrived at drop off".
  • Make a note of the recipient and any notes for the customer (e.g. "left with reception" or "left with neighbour at no. 72") under 'Notes' on the app.
  • If the app prompts you for a signature, get the recipient to sign it with their finger.
Will I be employed by Street Stream?
No. You will be self-employed.
How do I become a Street Stream courier?
  • You must register by downloading the app and following the registration instructions.
  • Do NOT create a customer account on the website.
  • The app is free to download and you will be able to monitor the market without further action. However, in order to receive and accept jobs you will need to register and be verified.
  • Verification requires you to get certain documentation together

    • You will need to provide some primary photographic ID (such as Passport or Driving Licence) and upload a photograph.
    • You will need to provide proof of address (e.g. a recent bank statement or recent utility bill)
    • Motorcycle and Van Couriers will have to supply their licence photo ID and check code, as well as their insurance certificate for your vehicle.
How long does the vetting process take?
It basically takes as long as it takes for you to get your documentation together. We will not chase you for this. It is up to you to upload your documentation and it is up to let us know by email to info@streetstream.net that you have done this.
Is there a contract?
Not as such, but you will have to agree to the terms and conditions and the code of conduct.
How much can I expect to earn?
Street Stream is what you make it. It offers a lot of flexibility but you have to work at it. If you quote frequently and often you will get work. You may not get every job you quote for, so the trick is to quote for many. If you are self-disciplined to manage your time and capacity then Street Stream is an excellent way to make money.
Do I need to supply my own bike or vehicle and other equipment?
What type of phone do I need?
At the moment the Street Stream courier app works on iPhones 4s and above.
Is Street Stream available for Android?
Do I need goods-in-transit insurance?
No, this will be sorted out by Street Stream.
Do I need public liability insurance?
It is preferable to have public liability insurance to protect you from being sued in the event that you injure a member of the public. If you are a motor vehicle user it is essential that you have insurance for your vehicle and that you are insured for business purposes.
Do I need to have had prior experience as a courier?
No, it is not essential but you are expected to know your way around.
I am already a messenger for a courier firm. Can I be a member of Street Stream too?
From Street Stream’s point of view there is no reason you cannot do this but you should check with your existing employer. There is nothing stopping you doing some extra work out of your normal hours or normal days on the Street Stream platform.
I am a courier firm. Can I use Street Stream?
Yes. You can use Street Stream to pick up extra point to point work to complement your contract work.
Is there a controller?
No, there is no controller. You are your own controller – it is up to you to pick your jobs, choose routes, stay on top of how much capacity you have in your bag or vehicle etc.
Am I obliged to accept jobs?
No, if it is not convenient you do not have to.
What about battery life?
We have tried to make the app as battery-efficient as possible. However, we would advise you to carry a good battery booster if you plan to work long hours and won’t have an opportunity to recharge your phone at the mains.
How do I get paid?
As part of the registration process you set up a Stripe account which is linked to your bank account. Payment into Stripe will happen weekly for all the jobs in the previous week. It will then take a further 7 working days for it to reach your bank account
Can I change my rates?
You can change your rates. You cannot change rates in the middle of a job. Changing rates is simple to do on the app.
Can I change my hours?
You can change your default hours on the app at any time. You can also change from being on-duty to off-duty and back again at the flick of switch.
Can I set or change the area I cover?
Yes, when you set up the app you can select which areas you want to serve. There is nothing to stop you changing this – either by adding or deleting areas.
How do I get proof of delivery?
On delivery there is a button to allow for a finger signature from the receiving customer.
What if I have accepted a job but it is no longer convenient?
Unfortunately, if you agreed to a job you are committed to carrying it through except in the case of an accident in which case you should contact the courier helpline.
What happens if the customer cancels the job?
If the customer cancels the job after having accepted your quote you are entitled to a "cancellation on arrival" charge which is 50% of the original job price.
How long do I have to wait at pickup?
We encourage customers to have the package ready for your arrival but that might not always be possible. You are obliged to wait up to 15 minutes on arrival at the pickup point. After 15 minutes, you have no obligation to stay and the customer will be charged the "cancellation on arrival" charge.
What happens if the parcel if much bigger or heavier than the customer’s description?
If it is slightly bigger or slightly heavier and you can carry it we would encourage you to take it, knowing that half the time the opposite will be the case. However, if it is grossly different to the customer’s description and there is just no way of transporting it safely, you are entitled to refuse and the customer will be charged a cancellation-on-arrival charge and will have to re-submit the job with more accurate dimensions.
What happens if there is a problem at the drop off such as no access at the destination address?
You will be able to contact the customer and make alternative arrangements. If you mutually decided to redeliver to another address or the same address later you will be entitled to an extra 100% of the original fee. Similarly if you decide mutually to return to sender again you will entitled to 100% of the original fee. But please contact the deliver contact and/or the customer before resorting to any of these options.
Can I do jobs for cash?
No. Any job that is posted and accepted through Street Stream will automatically be deducted from the customer’s account and paid to you.
What is the code of conduct?

Street Stream's ethos is that we treat neither the courier nor the customer's package as a commodity.  This is a service and both the courier and customer will be treated with respect.  Street Stream couriers have a lot of freedom but with that come responsibility.

Street Stream couriers must agree to the following code of conduct:

  1. I will only quote for jobs I can do, paying attention to size of package and times required
  2. I understand that if I quote for a job and the customer accepts it, I am committed to it
  3. I will respect the times the customer has requested
  4. If I am going to be late, I will call the customer to let them know
  5. I will always be polite to the customer, the pick up contact and the drop-off contact
  6. I will look after the package the customer has entrusted to me
  7. I will update the job status as I go
  8. I understand that the customer can leave a review of me at the end of the job
  9. I understand that if I agree to do work for cash or outside of Street Stream for a Street Stream client without Street Stream's permission, my account and the customer's account can be deleted.
  10. I understand that must respect the clients' confidentiality and privacy and not disclose details to outside parties
  11. I understand that while I am a contractor and free to chose my own hours, if the account is not actively used and I do not quote at least fairly regularly, it can be deleted.
  12. I confirm that I have insurance for my motor vehicle and it covers me for business use (not applicable to pushbike couriers)
  13. I confirm that I will make sure I continue to be insured appropriately while I contract for Street Stream and that I can be asked for proof of this at any time - this is not applicable to pushbike couriers.
  14. I confirm that I have disclosed any unspent criminal convictions.  Please let us know if this is not the case.
  15. I understand that if I change vehicle types (whether from non-motorised to motorised or from motorbike to van or vice versa) I must contact the Street Stream team and upload the correct insurance documents for the new vehicle.
  16. I understand that if I seriously violate any of this code of conduct, my Street Stream account can be disabled

Can't see your question? Contact us on info@streetstream.net